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100 years of tradition.


Read more about the uniqueness of L. Bulgaricus.


What are prebiotics and synbiotics?

Taking care of your health

Uniqueness of Lactobacilus Bulgaricus (LB)
  • LB are 2-3 times bigger than L acidophilus

  • Highest survival/reproductive capabilities in extreme conditions (salts, acids, carbs) in GI system

  • LB can reproduce themselves once every 20 minutes for a period of 10 -12 days

  • After 12 hours in GI tract 1 bacteria of LB reproduces itself into over 68 billion bacteria

  • LB help other friendly bacteria (L. acidophilus & Bifido to survive and multiply

  • LB prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms 

  • Bulgaria is the only natural home of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and LB is selected from plants – blossoms of wild herbs and trees in an ecologically protected area by UNESCO (scientific organization)

  • LB is the original and the best probiotic bacteria which is used to make traditional live yogurt (also originates in Bulgaria)

  • LB patented strains are registered with FDA

  • LB is extremely active producer of lactic acid 25 grams per liter of milk

  • Fighting inflammation and preventing colon cancer

  • Prevention of brochus diseases

  • Antitumor effect of L. Bulgaricus

  • Enhanced physical resistance - fights high stress

  • Effect of Plantbiotic on Lipid metabolism, proteins and uric acid-decrease in triglycerides and blood sugar levels

  • Anti-carcinogen effect of Plantbiotic thanks to various Lactobacillus bulgaricus strains

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What makes Plantbiotic so special?

  • The presence of 3 super strains of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and their fastest reproductive and survival capabilities

  • Synbiotic-give better and quicker health benefit for long period of time than standard probiotics

  • Plant based

  • Not genetically modified nor manipulated

  • Prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms

  • Plantbiotic products are made in a state-of-the-art facility which complies with all European Union standards

  • For manufacture of OTC drugs

  • Contains high concentration of vitamins A,B,C,D, pectin, minerals and trace elements such as Ca, potassium and iron 

Healthy Gut

How can Plantbiotic Probiotic Prebiotic Synbiotics benefit my family and me?

Great for the family

Clinical studies show that the regular use of probiotics may:


  • Promote correct digestion and absorption of food nutrients

  • Help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels

  • Support and strengthen our body's immune system

  • Fight antibiotic induced disorders

  • Help fight stress related conditions

  • Overcome skin problems, allergies

  • Combat lactose intolerance

  • Help treat IBS

  • Fight uro-genetal gastrointestinal infections

  • Anti-carcinogenic effect on the colon

  • Helps during radiation therapy of malignancies

  • Prevents and stops harmful fermentation and fatal auto-intoxication

  • Helps oral health,

The PLANTBIOTIC Probiotic has been clinically tested at leading Medical Institutions in Bulgaria such as the Pirogov Institute of Emergency Medicine, the Medical Academy of Sofia, the National Center of Oncology and the National Center of Hygiene, Medical Ecology & Nutrition. They have also been the subject of joint tests by leading scientists at the Medical Academy in St. Petersburg and the Wurzburg Medical University in Germany.


The results have been reported at prestigious scientific forums in Paris, Rome, Philadelphia, Athens, Barcelona, Moscow and many others.

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