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Clinical Trial 1

Effects of Plantbiotic on the immune systems of military pilots under conditions of high stress

Figures 1. and 2. show the results of a large-scale clinical trial conducted on 46 Air Force jet pilots under conditions of daily high stress and maximum physical strain. Analysis of the various immunity factors given in the tables below show that a daily intake of maximum PLANTBIOTIC doses for a 20-day period resulted in an enhanced physical resistance. Serum IgA and IgM values were stabilized, IgG serum levels rose and there was an increase in phagocytosis parameters (FI and FN). A low biologic variation was observed with lymphocyte population values (CD8 + T-Ly) which remained within the normal characteristic of the local indigenous population, with individuals having been subjected to high stress and physical strain.

The tests were performed by a research team at the Military Medical Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria. The results were published in the Balkan Military Medical Committee Abstract Book, June 6-10, 1999: Abstract 07E96.

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