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Clinical Trial 3

Effects of Plantbiotic under conditions of a simulated shipwreck

A team of researchers from the National Center of Hygiene, Medical Ecology and Nutrition in Sofia, the Wurzug Medical University in Germany and the Sofia-based Military Medical Academy conducted a comprehensive medico-biologic study with 56 volunteers under the conditions of a simulated shipwreck.
In a shipwreck, the body is subject to a number of extreme factors: vestibular overload as a result of rough sea, hyprokinesis, psycho-emotional stress, hunger, thirst, overstrain of the thermoregulatory mechanisms due to high day/night amplitudes and others. In addition to other investigations, a test was conducted in view of the approbation of PLANTBIOTIC as the sole nutritional product and stimulator in a daily dosage of 200 tablets. The preparation was found to exert the following beneficial effects:

  • A decrease in body weight of 2 to 6.5kg was observed with PLANTBIOTIC non-takers whilst for PLANTBIOTIC takers the body weight decreased by only 0.5 to 1kg.

  • Biochemical parameters with PLANTBIOTIC takers did not change or changes were insignificant.

  • 75% of PLANTBIOTIC non-takers exhibited pathologic change in glucose levels, while among PLANTBIOTIC takers this percentage was 33%.

  • The muscular strength with PLANTBIOTIC non-takers decreased after vestibular overload by an average of 15.02 % for the right hand and by 14.59% for the left hand. With PLANTBIOTIC takers theses percentages were 7.5% and 13.1% respectively.

  • PLANTBIOTIC takers exhibited no electrolyte imbalance, while PLANTBIOTIC non-takers had a severe disorder in the body’s electrolyte balance.

In conclusion, the research teams from the above medical institutions recommended that PLANTBIOTIC should be included as a nutritional aid and protective measure in rescue kits for use in water and air transportation vehicles.

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