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Clinical Trial 6

Great for the whole family, including young ones

Testing the Plantbiotic  products and their active component BIOSTIM for embryo-toxicity

A teratogenic analysis of PLANTBIOTIC + and BIOSTIM bone and organ toxicity was conducted in pregnant female Lister Hooded rats during the period of organ formation. The rats were treated with 0.8-g/kg body weight of PLANTBIOTIC and BIOSTIM and distilled water was administered to a control group. The following results were obtained:

* No signs of toxicity were observed with the mother rats, and the embryos’ weight and size, as well as the weight of the placentas and livers remained within norm.
* No skeletal anomalies were observed and bone fragility did not show deviation from controls.
* External examination revealed no teratogenic effects and histology showed no lung, liver, spleen or kidney damage.

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